BCG Wealth Management

BCG Wealth Management. The Secret to Personalization at Scale.

Petra Markovic EAM & Multi-Family Office

Getting personalization right can be a significant driver of top-line growth. WMs that excelat customizing offers and interactions see higher rates of client satisfaction and lower ratesof churn. There are many individual customer experiences, but broadly speaking they fall into …

HSBC Sustainable financing and investing survey

HSBC. Sustainable financing and investing survey 2021. ASEAN report.

Petra Markovic Impact Investing Insights

About half of ASEAN issuers and investors say the pressure from their employees andcustomers is the main reason why they care. Employees have a powerful voice in anyorganisation, but clearly their voice is being heard more clearly by issuers and …

McKinsey & Company - The State of Organizations

McKinsey & Company. The State of Organizations 2023

Petra Markovic Future of Leadership in Banking & Finance

Leaders are having to address a range of organizational shifts that have significantimplications for structures, processes, and people. These shifts are both challenging andharbingers of opportunity, depending on how organizations address them. Leaders who can unlock this value from their …

Kellogg Insight – 3 Tips for Taking Your Family Business Public

Petra Markovic Family Business & Family Values

Some family firms find themselves at a difficult inflection point when considering whetherto stay a private family business, or to go public. These often occur around generational transitions, exit of family branches, or externalevents such as shifts in an industry. …

Eichi Shibusawa – A Blueprint for Leaders & Stakeholder Capitalism

adminguru Future of Leadership in Banking & Finance

Elichi Shibusawa continues today to gain influence in Japan, and across Asia. Shibusawa, a change maker and not an observer set about spreading prosperity through his ‘gappon’ business model. His model was one of bringing together human, social and financial …

Targeting Your Digital Investment

adminguru EAM & Multi-Family Office

The process and logic of deep data aggregation and analytics are essential for the wealth industry as they strive to offer both a differentiated proposition and evolve the customer experience. To succeed the leaders of EAM’s and Family Offices must …

Terraced rice fields on a hillside

Family Business Survey, Vietnam; the challenges and actions for the founder generation.

adminguru Family Business & Family Values

From trust to impact. Whilst over 70% of Vietnamese businesses expect to see continuous growth in the coming ahead, 74% of family businesses are without a documented succession plan and 66% do not believe they have strong Digital capabilities. PWC’ …

Moving to the Future

adminguru Impact Investing Insights

Consumers around the globe expect their banks to act and interact more like top technology brands. Deloitte’ latest global consumer survey on digital banking reveals where the gaps are—and what banks can do to meet heightened expectations. In their report, …