Strategic financial services and human capital solutions

As advisers not consultants, we help our clients to action. From tailoring an advisory process to suit each client, or developing leadership and change capability, we partner with you to unlock the full potential of your franchise. We help develop your most important assets. Your people and your client relationships.

Our clients benefit from 888 Advisory’s international expertise, deep understanding of Asia’s financial services industry, client needs, and human capital challenges. Tying these threads together, we collaborate to solve people and client challenges through real-world experience, and unique insights, delivering solutions that reflect market, people, and end-client needs.

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Bespoke Advisory Experiences
Delivering a compliant, but tailored investment advisory experience to become ‘the go-to-adviser' for clients.

Our Expertise

Client journeys remain far from what they could be. Most are designed to deliver a uniform experience. In the future, the successful adviser will be different. They will deliver client experiences customised to the clients’ backgrounds, personal styles and preferences. Through the application of neuroscience and natural language preferences, aligned to the regulatory advisory process, we help clients take their already successful advisers to new levels of achievement and client satisfaction.

Attracting, Engaging & Leading Talent. What is Best Practice?
From a supervisory role to unlocking the full potential of the team’s performance.

Our Expertise

The key to attracting and engaging talent remains the leader. The best articulate and deliver a bespoke experience in a way that is distinctive when compared to competitors. By understanding neural and natural language preferences, they tailor their communication and positively impact motivation to act. They are masters at attracting, retaining and engaging talent to the highest levels of performance. We help leaders understand and apply the what and how of neural preferencing and natural language leadership. In a simple-to-understand, easy-to-use approach, leaders successfully bring these two aspects together in key talent conversations.

Partnering with the Next Generation
Evolve and reinvent Next Gen services to deliver unique products & services.

Our Expertise

Often, the Next Generation is served as a homogeneous group. Viewed through the prism of age and, or AUM. As such services are often uniform across the clients' advisers and wealth managers. For the Next Gen, personal goals matter and vary widely. They include assuming the role of family CIO, becoming a self-directed philanthropist, managing the family business, or becoming an entrepreneur. With this backdrop, a single uniform approach isn’t enough. Partnering with clients we help better segment and bring to bear full organisational capabilities; surface existing external relationships to deliver new services and convert the Next Generation into advocates and clients.

Family Business Succession Planning
Successful transition to the next generation and ensuring ongoing family stewardship.

Our Expertise

Family-owned companies grow over many years and as such, their needs become more complex. Key succession questions include: is it appropriate to transfer leadership within the family? What should the company's future look like?  Should a solution outside the family be a consideration? Crucial factors for successful succession include not only business leadership but also family emotional support. We assist the family with end-to-end succession planning, candidate selection, and maintenance of family harmony to ensure a seamless transition to the next generation of leaders.

Family Purpose & Family Values
Preserving and sustaining wealth through the establishment of family purpose & values.

Our Expertise

Family values and purpose establish the principles family members live by. They lie at the heart of the family’s history and provide cross-generational and family cohesion. When missing the result can be a siloed approach to wealth preservation and management, undoing many years of hard work. With a methodology that ensures universal adoption, we help families craft their purpose and values and define what these mean to each family member.

Embedding Digital Change
Key building blocks to ensure adviser and client adoption.

Our Expertise

Incorporation of digitalisation into the end-to-end client experience can be challenging. Recognising that whilst training and performance KPIs are important, they alone are not enough to assure long-term adoption. We help client organisations, and their people make the necessary paradigm and behavioural shifts with comprehensive insight, practical actions and communication strategies.

How we work
  1. Define the problem statement: preparing and, or advising you on the problem statement, and assisting you in defining what success looks like.
  2. Analyse the variables: complete a picture of factors that could be contributing to the current outcome that is exhaustive in nature, but simple by design.
  3. Test the data: partner with you and review the variable data. Work with you to draw distinctions between connected, correlated, and causal aspects of the problem.
  4. Design Minimum Viable Product: with you having prioritized causal and significant correlated variables, design a workable solution, test and succeed, or test, fail fast and iterate to improve.
  5. From MVP to Launch: using scale, scope, and speed work with you to design the final solution including content, faculty, communication and stakeholder engagement plan to assure successful implementation.
  6. Evaluate and Learn: test the result, recalibrate the data and outcomes, quantify learning and ensure a feedback loop is in place for future improvement.