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Why have many of the most respected corporations, wealth managers, family offices and financial advisers chosen to work with 888 Advisory Associates? Headquartered in Singapore with partners across Asia Pacific and Europe, the organization has four practice areas. Family Office, Wealth & Corporate Financial Advisory, Human Capital, and Sustainable Finance & Impact Investing.

From the leadership team to subject matter experts, our mission is to serve large organizations, family offices, entrepreneurs, and private clients to protect and grow their financial, human, and social capital. Serving clients where, how, and when they need us, we are confidantes, counsellors, and advisers, dedicated to delivering a bespoke service that reflects the uniqueness of each client.

Founded with a commitment to the timeless values of Banque Privée which includes the client always come first, delivering high-quality work, building long-term relationships, nurturing our most precious commodity, trust.

Aligning European best-practice with Asian & Middle East culture, The Family Office practice brings expertise in family office governance including, structure and cost-effective management of family and CIO office. Ensuring successful gift and wealth transfers through bespoke family and business Succession Plans coupled with Family Charters, Assembles, Governance, Communication and Next Generation Education.

With International expertise, the Wealth & Corporate Financial Advisory practice brings skill in Valuation & Modelling, Buyout and Expansion Structuring, Capital Raising support services, and Board Governance Advisory. Advising entrepreneurs, shareholder-owners, how to protect the created wealth, and realise the full enterprise value of their investments.

Working with Global and Regional Corporations Asian offices, The Human Capital practice comprises a team of experts who are associates to academic institutions including New York University, The University of Oxford, Said Business School and St. Gallen, Switzerland. Areas of expertise include organizational change, employee value propositions, leadership and developing adviser’s ‘holistic’ client-advisory capabilities.

The Sustainable Finance and Impact Investing practice specialises in sourcing, and screening direct investment opportunities that align with the philanthropic interests of clients. Having advised the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Clinton Foundation, and Compagnie Benjamin de Rothschild, the practice delivers actionable advice on asset allocation, capital stack choices, asset manager selection, risk controls, governance and reporting.

For Multi-Family Offices & Wealth Managers

Family Office Governance

Corporate Financial Advisory

Family & Business Succession Planning

Sustainable Finance & Impact Investing

For Corporations & Financial Institutions

Organizational Change

Leadership Development

Holistic Financial Advisory

Employer Value Proposition

The combination of professional expertise and a global reach means that when engaging 888 Advisory Associates, our clients, be they organizations, family offices, or private individuals are well-placed to meet their current priorities whilst benefitting from an approach that ensures sustainability for their future.


Constantly curious and driven by the desire to always make things better through a commitment to service excellence. Therefore, we do not believe in standard solutions or skipping where the fence is lowest.

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Services & Expertise we provide

Wealth & Corporate Financial Advisory
Helping entrepreneurial clients structure their pitch, capital stack requirements, board member composition and business strategy to create a credible and compelling story forstakeholders.

Our Expertise

Corporate financing has undergone a sea change. The end of easy access to money. A move to higher interest rates and, capital scarcity. These combine to hamper entrepreneurial growth.
To secure capital and retain control, Founders and Entrepreneurs need to partner with Financial Advisers & Wealth Managers who can assist them in a number of areas including, creating a compelling story through professional pitchbook creation, corporate governance adjustments and ensuring board of directors’ composition is credible to investors & lenders.
Interviewing investors and lenders as opposed to being interviewed by them is the material change for owners. We support clients to take their financing pitch to the next level and ensure that they are choosing from a range of financing options and cost-effective approaches to retaining business control and governance.

Sustainable Finance & Impact Investing
When done well, screening of private investments, structuring fund management, governance and reporting ensures family’s objectives are always met.

Our Expertise

Sustainable finance and impact investing represents a unique opportunity to enhance returns and simultaneously have positive societal impact.

The successful investor needs to partners with national or local government, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, and development finance institutions. To partner with and assure sustainable relationships the investor needs to understand the ‘capital stack’, suitable financial instruments and appropriate derisking tools.

We help clients develop bespoke strategic asset allocation and risk management frameworks that reflects each family’s impact investing objectives.

Partnering with the Next Generation
Evolve and reinvent Next Gen services to deliver unique products & services.

Our Expertise

Often, the Next Generation is served as a homogeneous group. Viewed through the prism of age and, or AUM. As such services are often uniform across the clients' advisers and wealth managers. For the Next Gen, personal goals matter and vary widely. They include assuming the role of family CIO, becoming a self-directed philanthropist, managing the family business, or becoming an entrepreneur. With this backdrop, a single uniform approach isn’t enough. Partnering with clients we help better segment and bring to bear full organisational capabilities; surface existing external relationships to deliver new services and convert the Next Generation into advocates and clients.

Family & Business Succession Planning
Successful transition to the next generation and ensuring ongoing family stewardship.

Our Expertise

Family-owned companies grow over many years and as such, their needs become more complex. Key succession questions include: is it appropriate to transfer leadership within the family? What should the company's future look like?  Should a solution outside the family be a consideration? Crucial factors for successful succession include not only business leadership but also family emotional support. We assist the family with end-to-end succession planning, candidate selection, and maintenance of family harmony to ensure a seamless transition to the next generation of leaders.

Family Purpose & Family Values
Preserving and sustaining wealth through the establishment of family purpose & values.

Our Expertise

Family values and purpose establish the principles family members live by. They lie at the heart of the family’s history and provide cross-generational and family cohesion. When missing the result can be a siloed approach to wealth preservation and management, undoing many years of hard work. With a methodology that ensures universal adoption, we help families craft their purpose and values and define what these mean to each family member.

Family Governance & Wealth Preservation
Four challenges, three questions, two crucial communication channels ensure wealth protection for generations to come.

Our Expertise

Where to begin when developing a family strategy is difficult. Who has the professional skills appropriate to good governance and can also manage the family process?

Applying the rule of three ensures ownership, adoption, and a lived framework that preserves family wealth. The first step is ‘fair process’. Developing the governance has to be managed in an open-minded and independent manner. Secondly, time. The process should not be limited to a specified duration. It takes each family as long as necessary to achieve excellence results together. Thirdly communication. The results should be recorded, shared with the family and key advisers, and has implemented through family assemblies, boards, and the appointments process.

With expertise in corporate governance, wealth management and facilitation, we partner with clients on this journey, helping them to design and implement change and the ongoing communication necessary to improve the chances of survival.

Clients we work with

Banking & Financial Institutions

From client advisory, to leadership capabilities and on to digital adoption, we help our clients to navigate the here and now and see how best they can secure future success.

Private Banks & Wealth Managers

The next generation of clients, advisers and leaders are the collective future. Helping our clients develop and serve these groups today ensures ongoing prosperity for all.

Single and Multi-Family Offices

From people leadership to corporate structure and management practices, we partner to help clients grow their operating model, leadership bench and client capabilities.

Financial Advisory Firms

We partner with boutique advisers and help identify and develop their unique value propositions in such a way as to be better placed to defend and grow their client and people franchise.

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Banking & Financial Institutions

Global as well as Regional Wholesale, Commercial & Investment banks. Insurers and re-insurers with a footprint in Asia.
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Private Banks & Wealth Managers

Global and regional private banks, including pure-play wealth management and integrated private banking.
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Single & Multi-Family Offices

European Family offices with an Asia presence, and Asian single and multi-family offices.
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Financial Advisory Firms

Boutique financial advisers, with an onshore business providing holistic financial planning services.

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